Essential Adventure Gear

Essential is kind of a relative term here, as it will always depend on what your adventure is about. As we focus most on high sea adventures we do want to take a look at some of the more extreme trips you can do.

One of the most challenging trips, both from a preparation and execution point of view is shark fishing. You have to be extremely well equipped and prepared for such trips and professional advice is very important.

But if you want to go for something a little different then one thing we have been doing for a few years now is organized overnight sea fishing and island hunting trips. On such trips we choose one of the numerous islands not far offshore and spend about 4 to 6 hours fishing on the way there.

Once we get to one of the islands we set up camp and enjoy the fish we caught on the day and get everyone acquainted with the next days hunting plans. The islands do not have large mammals, but there is no shortage of smaller animals and birds which always makes a great challenge.

One of the most important aspects of these types of adventure is the fact that you need to pack for two completely different things, i.e. fishing and hunting. This means that you have to sacrifice eon some things that you cannot bring along, unless you want to carry a military weight for two days or more.

The type of fishing rod will entirely depend on what you want to fish for. Obviously tuna fishing will require completely different equipment to cod fishing. Most people however would be going for smaller fish. You should always check ahead of time what fish are in season and pick the appropriate rod, real and tackle.

Once onshore on the island we will make a camp, so you’ll need to bring a tent, for the wetter and cooler months of the year. Because weather is a bit unpredictable, we would not recommend just relying on a sleeping bag as it could make for a very wet and miserable night.

Whatever your favored hunting rifle is, you will need it. We generally suggest smaller caliber rifles, as we will not be going after large animals. You will need a pretty good hunting rifle scope as well, so check out this advice on rifle optics. A lot of the hunting areas are in dense forest with low light conditions meaning that the quality of your optics will make a huge difference.

Warm camouflage will also be a must have. Dressing in layers is the best advice we can give you as it will allow you to take of items of clothing if it gets warmer, but not end up cold if and when temperatures drop. Trying to shoot a small target when you are shivering is near impossible and will just take away from the whole experience.

Finally, just bring your sense of adventure and friends and family. The trips we organize are ideal for groups of people who are bored by the average adventure trip available. If you are interested in such a trip, then please use the contact page to arrange a free call on what we have to offer.